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Commercial Restaurant Services Inc.

General Contractor - HVAC - Refrigeration  
Hotel - Bar - Restaurant Specialists
Design, Build, and Maintain.
Commercial Restaurant Services is a dedicated group of individuals who strive to tailor every restaurant build out to the proprietor's special needs.
CRS designs mechanical engineering plans and blueprints, we work with county offices to secure proper permits and handle ground up construction of the facility.
One of the key ways in which CRS Inc can provide a service like no other is our capability to both design and build. We truly make our blueprints come to life. 
      Our experienced technicians are factory certified and can handle various mechanical failures:  





CRS Inc can facilitate your kitchen needs:

Mechanical and Construction

Our Mechanical Department Service Technicians are factory trained
and hold many certifications in their field of expertize.
Our Construction Department consists of a well trained team of exceptional workers
that understand the critical needs of a retail and wholesale Food Service Facility.  
Our experienced teams are led by Supervisors that will work with you
to get your project completed on time and within budget without sacrificing quality.
CRS, Inc. is a licensed, bonded, insured Contracting Firm performing work as a General, Refrigeration, and HVAC contractor in good standing with the C.S.L.B.