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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Choosing the right size ice machine

Ensuring that you have enough ice when you need it the most can be a bit tricky!  This information can be used to help ensure that you get the right equipment for your needs.  Please call and confirm with one of our specialists before making your final decision. 

Some questions to consider when selecting a new ice machine:

·  What style of ice best fits my needs classic cubes, gourmet cubes, nuggets or flakes?

·  What machine design (i.e. modular, undercounter) best fits my available space?

·  Should I choose an air cooled, water cooled, or remote ice machine?

·  Will the selected ice machine meet my peak usage during the hottest part of the year?

·  Am I planning for future growth, and will the ice machine meet those demands?

·  Is the ice machine Energy Star listed, and if so, are any rebates available?

This guide can help give you an idea of your daily ice usage.

All figures include a 20% safety buffer, to compensate for temperature differences or special circumstances. 


Daily Ice Use

100 Customers

250 Customers

500 Customers


1.5 lbs. per meal

180 lbs.

450 lbs.

900 lbs.

Cocktail Bar

3 lbs. per seat

360 lbs.

900 lbs.

1800 lbs.

7-10 oz. Beverage

5 oz. per cup

38 lbs.

94 lbs.

188 lbs.

12-16 oz. Beverage

8 oz. per cup

60 lbs.

150 lbs.

300 lbs.

18-24 oz. Beverage

12 oz. per cup

90 lbs.

225 lbs.

450 lbs.

Salad Bar

35 lbs. per cubic foot





1 lb. per person

120 lbs.

300 lbs.

600 lbs.

Hotel Room

5 lbs. per room

600 lbs.

1500 lbs.

3000 lbs.

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